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our customers want to improve their advertising position. What do you want to introduce? Improve the quality of the ad and increase the amount of the preferential, make the screen title longer and describe more from the keyword and increase the number of incentives and increase the amount of the preferential: the order of the notification of It appears in a page. Compared to other ads.
The advertising position of "1" means your advertising is the first notice on a page. The advertising position is determined by a formula called AD ranking, giving its notice a score according to the incentive, quality of advertising and its objective page, as well as the expected effects. Of extensions and other notification formats. Even if your competition offers more than the provision, you can always win a higher position, with a lower price, with very suitable keywords and advertising. Its ads will be recalculated when your ad is displayed so that your ad position can fluctuate each time. Ads can be displayed in the upper or lower part in search results. If you have more questions about this question, visit the link for more details: https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/1722122 for more information about the basic assessment of Google Ads : Skillshop display certificate! He answered exactly using the previous solution, we know that you will find another question for the basic advertising evaluation test of Google and in the right place and all the questions. And published here. Fortunately, the exam is free. However, there is a time limit. The basic assessment of Google ads includes 100 questions, that a 120 -minute task to complete the test is 120 minutes. The additional test takes only 70 minutes with 90 minutes to complete the test. As soon as the exam is successfully completed, you will receive your certificate via email and then you can use this certificate to enter the job and more. What is the certification test of the basic principles of Google ads? Here you will find the evaluation of the basic concepts of Google Ads feedback. Most IT experts are experts in Google Adwords provided. By participating in this test, you can win the official Google certificate. This is an online test before it costs $ 1 to take the exam, but now it is completely free. An important point that you should consider is that the lowest success in this test is 80%. As soon as the exam started, there was no way to rest. So start your exam if you are ready. Best of Luck White filler: If search engines are based on factors such as geographical location, IP address and search terms to achieve personalized results. Call them.