The leaves meet the three main functions, such as food production, gas exchange between the atmosphere and the plant's body and the evaporation of water. Some of the functions are described below. The functions of the revised leaves are not processed because they have discussed the specialized functions as before. Food production is the main function of green leaves.
This process is called photosynthesis through which the production of food materials with the presence of sunlight and green pigments: chlorophyll in sheets. The preparation of food materials is done with water and carbon dioxide from soil and air.
b. Gas exchange takes place for breathing and photosynthesis. There are many small holes in the leaves, called stomata and gas exchange between the atmosphere and the body. The evaporation of water is absorbed by the root hair of the tree evaporating from the surface of the leaf during the day. It usually takes place through open holes. This phenomenon is called sweat. This process allows the plant to absorb water and minerals from the ground and drive to the top of the tree.
Storing food lines of Indian aloe vera, portulaca and material size and water storage elements for the future of plants. The leaves of the meat and the sweetness of the ourophyte growing on the surface of the desert still store a large amount of water, mucus and food. The plant reproduction of Bryophyllum, Begonie and Kalanchoe creates an outbreak, from which new plants are born through plant breeding. In these cases, the edge of the leaf is created when the tongue of the leaf affects the soil so that it can be kept permanently. All the articles you have read on this site are published in the user's knowledge as you with a single vision. Before publishing your article on this website, read the following pages: Publish