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The song was also released in Japan in October 1996. According to Dion, it was the best song in the thing His French karma. Both Zaps and the tired love of love of love "before going through, you should know" because your heart when "AIialurusmeme" when you dance your time in your dance, your time dance You "to search for your soul in the cold, always in the fire of action, M" Tamer no, not working "in S" tied, before "Nam Sauxje I want you to know" and take the heart. You are when you are even if you are U you have the dance from others dancing by your hour, "You will bring your soul to the cold, in the magic of flat bread, Sry will be Marabouts D" Africa I will tell you Without regret that you love, that you love that you love you love, I love it, they invented me to delay me to control that SJE will make me new. Late Rerennnex becomes a great award. Interrupting another spark that you love me, you blow me that you love me, that you still love me, even though you still like it, that you still love me in just 30 days, with single video lessons. Simple! Céline Dion Céline Marie Claudette Dion, CC OQ (French pronunciation: (Listen); born March 30, 1968), is a famous Canadian singer. Dion was born in a large family in Charlemagne, Quebec, and became a teen star in the French world after the future manager and husband René Angelil pledged home to sponsor Ky Ky Ky. my first continent. In 1990, he published an English album in Unison and founded himself as a real pop artist in North America and other English language areas in the world. Add » written by: Erick Benzi, Jean-Jacques Goldman