Mark Wahlberg doesn't react how they will think if he is wrong with Matt Damon. Instead of giving a virgin appearance or even annoying this problem, it just rolled around with him and said "thank you" for all those who could confuse him and Damon. Obviously, Matt Damon is also confused for Wahlberg on this occasion, but honestly and look at them next to them, it doesn't seem to make sense why it will happen. People should not pay attention to the actors when they look at them or many of us that we are not confused are just nerds of the wonderful movie we see immediately.
Although Damon is a few higher cm, its face features are completely different. Depending on the movie they see them, their versions are even different, although Wahlberg often seems to be much bigger than Damon. If you smile, you can also see a big difference because Damon's smile almost enters the ear, while Wahlberg may develop, but he usually doesn't last much. Regarding the race, both action films were made and made the art films more discrete and artistic, not to mention the effective scenes they were known. Damon has a shooting game in Bourne and Wahlberg movies, and they are often mistaken in these films because people watch them and congratulate them for the success of a movie they don't even play. How to hesitate, but again, in general, the problems of those who do not know the actors are clear enough through the point of view and the hypothesis, but it does not open that it is really worth it. mention it. The fact that children laughed and said, thanks to fans, it was quite good because some actors could be disappointed by something like that. Of course, some actors are somewhat tense and for their own reasons, they do not consider compared to others. Do not compare Wahlberg with the worst Damon in the world, because both are beautiful and kind men, who have a bright smile and have shown their value on the screen. It is simply confusing, it is all for those who understand how to understand how someone can join these two children. But it seems that it happens so often that the two actors have learned to live and accept as much as possible. There is a good possibility that they are only in their arms a bit if someone insists that he is right and every man is really in the films he quoted when he hit them. But in Mark's point of view, it seems not possible. Game of Thrones, from imagination to science fiction through drama and stupid, are the greatest and wildest stories that can be found. The Northwest of the Pacific Ocean for life "all.