This week in the morning revival, we came to Psalm 68, a psalm about God's economy, showing us Christ as the center of God on earth. Our God is a touching God and his passing today is in man. The way he does everything and the way he moves is basically incarnations: not long from humans. That's why we have to learn today to provide all our cooperation and allow you to have more land in our being every day.
Hallelujah, today the Lord moves like a man and through people! The movement of God in the monastery with Arkin, the Old Testament, chose God as his people and overcome them among the nations. God brought His Israel -volk to Sinai from the mountain and gave them the law, and there, he accused Moses to build Stiftshütte with ARK, Huong's altar. The Lord wants to move between and through His people, but they are guilty, which is why they need an altar to take care of their sin! They must also be given with the current bread, they must change in the light of God, a spiritual light and must have an incense altar to pray to the Lord. Abbey Monastery was the decisive place of God: When Abbey Hut moved, the people of Israel moved. The presence of God is in the temporary temple and the direction of His people through Abbey's cabin. The movement of God in Christ, the temporary Tabernaclette in the Old Testament is a image of Christ as the true monastery of Abbey: The word is the flesh and Abbey below us (John 1: 14) full of grace and reality. Jesus Christ is Abbey truly an incarnate God: God lives in Him for his movement on Earth. In the New Testament, God's decision on Earth began by His New Testament economy with the embodiment of Christ, the true distinction of God on Earth. God does not live and does not move in a physical store, but in a man, the man of Christ. 10:35 A.M. - Every time Abbey left the chest, Moses said: And let those who hate you flee in front of you. When Christ comes, God moves in Christ and through Christ and has no Christ, God does not move. The center of God's movement on Earth is Christ: it has become a hut of God with the box and all the tools! The movement of God in the monastery with the chest from Sinai of the Mountain (Thi Thien 68: 8B, 17B) through the desert (verses 4B, 7B) in Mont Sion (verses 16) - it is a type of movement in the Lord Christianity comes to the rise (Johannes 1:17; Ephesians 4: 8-10). Today, God always moves through the church on earth and with Christ moves as the center of the church (the first time of Tim 3: 15-16; Pa. 68: 4, 7). Christ is the center of the Church, and God moves in Christ! God's movement in man is comparing man! The decision of God today is a man: He moved to Christ to man and transferred to man. God's movement in man is comparison of man: man is like in life and in nature, but not in the gods (1 girl. 15: 45B; Röm 8: 10, 6, 11). The goal of God, God, is not Berg Zion, but our human mind! God three living in our minds! ARK is Christ is the presence of the Trinity, and it is in us today! May God appear, and let all those who hate Him, run away and scatter! Lord, I wish a free form today to move to everyone today! Make your home for all your heart and have a way to survive us and in us! Take us with your care and your thoughts on the Lord's economy. Except for using God or forcing God for our own security, our calm, peace and profit! We see your income, your calm, your satisfaction! Make us man follow your heart and economy with Christ is the center of God on Earth!