Home> Program results> Retire the cost of shipping and treatment for retailers to consumers during product delivery. By sending the items we buy online, the costs are not available if we collect electronic suppliers in the store to buy the product in the same way, the Slecttronic seller understands when he has the product. Products are "free" or "free version of the additional version" additional costs are notified such as sending and processing, unless this is clearly conveyed, the benefits of the executives of the real people. Examination, the attack on collective attractiveness in retailers cannot focus on the Federal District Court in California against companies and allegations of delivery and their delivery and administrative officials.
"against morality" and the government of the two symptoms occur under the law of unfair competition ("UCL") and legal consumers. And consumers claim the law on legal resources ("Clara") that the defendant has invited shipping and manipulation costs that "unreasonably related to delivery costs or sending articles to consumers Used, but they exceeded these costs "," The plaintiff is looking for two measures for the class certification program on behalf of "LL of the people in California and the program is made of invoices, two measures. This applicant bought a filter in a company's website and it was $ 199 US dollars for products and US $ 799 for "shipping / operation". Starting with another seller, the applicant will have a "small lighting product" that the company's website for $ 1793 (more taxes) and 800 for "Shipping / Operations ", The complaints think that these costs are more than twice as the real cost of transport and delivery according to the United States?