I have this theory, then you start eating over time after congratulating clearly. There is a very popular old meme, which is something like: "The terrible moment in which an adult looks" there is a reason why this feeling is expanded as a basic sentence showing. That the purchase of broccoli is beyond the young appearance, I realize that more and more people seek professional advice and whenever it happens, it will achieve a case of perception discord. I have to remember these moments that I am a professional writer (my dream work from my son); That I live in an apartment I can (mostly) allow me; While I work most time in the pajamas, I wouldn't stop like a "adult", but if not 32 years old, when? Regarding the completion of basic tasks such as "adults" "adults" quite low "has become a star K introduced and can be applied to everything to pay the bills of the bills. I mentioned the end of the basic tasks, while the "adult" mentioned. It creates a sufficient bar that it means developing, but our relationship withness Changing daily life in the period of socio -economic disorders and politics, the daily bad news line squeezed the level of fear on the roof. And our late capital inspiration is to limit productivity Professional and individual, that means young people because of exhaustion of young energy is an increasing challenge for you. UC Berkeley -star recently provides a "adult" class for this reason. , even if the course includes many practical skills, administrators of life and common sense is taught strangely at high school. Studying at school, they are issues such as taxes and how to take care of you, ”Belle Lau, a 20 -year -old student, wrote a class together. "We don't know many people, so everyone learns together" is a persuasive idea (and is expected for a long time), but his frame asks the question: What is big? Cook, budget, change tires? Or have more people older than your teenagers and security boxes? In the seventeenth century, they will get married for thirteen days Many people in their twenties and thirties live today in what large generations can be considered a state of permanent teenagers. We must develop in the same way as in our definitions, meaning planting Blackstone, Professor of Sociology at Maine University and the author of Childfree for choice, they are your cost. Children as an increasingly reduced opportunity to have a family for green species, people of all kinds of people face all types of university debt, "he said:" Certainly, a child has an impact. The environment ... The other main reasons are the desire to be autonomous, free, freedom and the ability to travel ", to the media that they can love that we are the congestion generation. Breathing of our mortgage generation money in "Haver in coffee with milk" or something else, it will be more right to say that we are simply without asset as ambitious for their parents. I consider that it is for our parents if such a view is not so expensive (and the assets are not public with social issues such as the abundance of Tion and D), which is ch. I costs the living and saving that is only the most privilege, they can put us and force us to reduce our newer ideas, which means maturity and success. But I wrote about how I developed my feedback on adult relationships in P. doing that and they never managed to follow the same path of belief, because it was not. All have the same priority, socio -economic history and sexual identity carrying a person who is self -aware and active rather than through work, marriage or facility of a family that can be Another feeling of dissatisfaction is different from the traditional transition rituals that our parents and grandparents have overcome. Of course, only mature, changing tires or buying an Ocoli Brus is not voluntary "the secret of an adult is that no one knows what he is doing and you never have a child. I always think that adult men, of course. Not so, although the lessons for adults "and, although it may be scary, it is also strange to be strangely liberated because We can write us