Does anyone really ask Heineken's call, Bull's beer or beer as an actor? The first is a brand of 143 -Y -old sold in 192 countries, while the second is both Oscar winners and favorite worship films. However, the two seemed to achieve very little confidence, while the new global campaign of the Delo Delo beer brand played a certain role. Like Antonio Bankeras. Can it happen? I hope not, but it is a welcome program to see Del Toro to add my skills as a spokesperson for the first time. Heineken's vice president, Ralph Rijks, said that even Bull was famous, it was not an excessive celebrity. "We want someone, as the brand has been known, but the history and history are deeper, like Heineken, should say," Rijks explained. "Benicios's global attraction and bilingual skills gives us a great flexibility, and we are happy to work with him." Publicis, the leader of the world creation, Andy Bird, said it may not be the most obvious choice, but Bull's is a perfect adaptation. We chose Benicio because he was one of the largest actors in the world and was a bit respectable worldwide like Heineken. He also has a mischievous aspect of his personality and does not seriously do anything that makes us play with his platform and really happy with the new campaign "in Fast Company, including advertising, marketing and brand creation.