$$ • Pizza, Chicken Wing: Inside Ghostface Brewing, 427 E State Ave SUITE 100, MOORESVILE (704) 799-7433 Google TripAdvisor i has placed a phone by phone. He came in to collect my order that was completed. I told the owner of my name and she said "yes" here, do you have a mask? "I said" yes. "Nobody else to eat masks, part of the staff did not use them or carrying them exactly the mask summary ...
Reading the entire Hostface newspaper is a local brewery also serving birth Mini (pizza). The intensity and location are always enthusiastic. "Creativity. Our naval son comes here whenever he has a vacation and focuses on his family and is cheap.
is a delicious pizza, like York's style. But the price is also close to the level of New York, this is a bit surprised.
Therefore, many local restaurants are much more reasonable, but maybe on a blue moon for local fans. The staff is very friendly, which is definitely good.
Monday, 12 pm at 9 pm. Tuesday, 12 pm, Wednesday, 12 pm 12 pm at 9 pm, Friday from 12 noon at 10 pm. Saturday 12 pm at 10 pm, 12 o'clock at 20:00. Or services may vary by covvi -19.
Contact the company directly to verify the hour and the usability.
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