In the office series, the accounting strategy of the abbreviation of Dunder -mifflin Kevin Malone is displayed so that the force of "an error" Keleven "with Seven. The pump "has been announced, of which DOD has made more than 562,568 accounting adjustments in 2018. Archives to the cost agencies for each federal agency. Each agency should adjust their money credit with their money with Financial data per month, similar to an individual of your Czech books of DOD (DOD) components (DOD)) ((meaning military, sailor, etc.) send your financial data to DFA, then merge this information. Verify the numbers compared to the treasure if the numbers collect them with the components use a tip in the instructions for using Kevin Malone and adjust the data corresponding to them. .. without verifying them, why mainly not corresponding to Gao. '' The overall balance is forced to replace the information that the components of the Ministry of Defense have been t The quantity is notified without collecting and searching for the cause of the difference and making appropriate adjustments.
CE contains an example in which DFA can be registered with the remaining credit of the remaining credit "$ 14,232,000 without changing money in the respective Treasury account In the Pentagon, this is a normal trade practice, not only the uncomfortable opportunities in the fourth quarter of 2018, DFA has about 36,000 balance sheets, although these adjustments can be suitable fit. DFA does not use a system to ensure that throughout the year that 96% of about 200,000 adjustments that DFA is made in the fourth quarter of 2018, the large use of adjustments is an important indicator of the reason for the reason. Why not have this sign, the accounting system is also repaired, leading to the use of accounting settings everywhere. It is necessary for manufacturers to decide and the public so we can ensure that our taxpayers are used. The Gao report indicates that the number of the Ministry of Defense is not reliable, which means that we do not have the financial information we can trust to make a good decision. The agency has continued to deliver goods to the National Assembly since 2016 to encourage DOD and clean up its actions